Pleasing me

good girlThink of me like a boss. A demanding, reasonable boss, but a boss. I will give you tasks, assignments, responsibilities, requests. Your job is to execute them. To meet, or exceed, my expectations, both with respect to quality and timing. I’d like you to respond to any task, assignment, responsibility, or request, in one of three ways:

  1. If it’s possible, simply respond by doing as I asked.
  2. If what I ask is possible, but it’s not possible to provide instantly, please respond by telling me when I should expect you to give me what I’ve asked. In this instance, generally, please know both that a) I want everything now, and/but b) I’m totally fine with waiting as long as you need. In this instance, I do expect you to adhere to whatever deadline you set yourself. Unless, of course, circumstances change in such a way as to make it impossible for you to get me what you promised, when you promised it. In this case, please simply communicate this to me as soon as you become aware of it, and let me know the new, revised timeline.
  3. If what I ask simply isn’t possible – whether because it’s outside the tolerable limits of your comfort zone, or it’s logistically impossible – what I would ask would be simply that you make me aware of this, gently, respectfully, and, ideally, that you propose something that you think gets at what I’m trying to get, but that is within your comfort zone, that is logistically possible.

If you follow these rules in responding to my requests of you? We will get along famously.

If not – if, for example, you tell me you’ll get me something by a certain time or day, but then that time or day passes without comment from you – I will read that as meaning (rightly or wrongly) that you are not thinking of me, that you have not taken your commitment to me seriously.

At the library – and with some doms – if you fail to deliver as promised when promised, they simply punish you (by fining you, in the case of the library; by caning you, or withholding orgasms, or something else, in the case of doms). I don’t want to punish you. I have zero interest in punishing you. The only reason I want to cane you, or withhold orgasms from you, is because doing so is fun for me (and for you, too). In short? I want you to be a good girl for me. Even if my calling you “Good girl” would make your stomach turn. In which case, please tell me, and I’ll be sure never to do so.

I simply want you to return your books on time. And if, over time, it becomes clear to me that you won’t, or can’t, return books timely? I won’t lend you any more books.




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