Mar 182016

I generally set links in my blog to open in new tabs, unless they come at a place in a post where I’m done talking. Does this annoy you? Or do you prefer it? It reflects how I web-surf – I generally open links I want to follow in new tabs, unless I’m done reading, but it occurs to me that this might annoy.

What do you think?

  4 Responses to “Programming note (question)”

  1. I prefer it that way. It annoys me that I have to go back, can’t compare two story lines when the new link replaces the old page.

  2. Best industry practice dictates only plain links. This puts everything under the users control. If they want to open new tabs they can but otherwise it’s their decision. It has been shown to not adversely affect web stays.

    • I understand that. But best industry practice isn’t always what’s best for a particular audience. That’s why I asked. And, interestingly, 100% of the responses I got (and I got quite a few) expressed a preference for “open-in-new-tab links.” When I’m surfing, I prefer plain links, but I know that others have different practices.

      Best industry practice apparently isn’t what’s best for that portion of my readership that cares to communicate with me on the subject. I remain open to the question, and appreciate the feedback I’ve been given.

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