Nov 182015

There are aspects of my interactions with Ella which seem simply too good to be true.

She has a friend, Scarlett. Scarlett lives far from each of us, and she and Ella like to, in their words, “play.” Though I haven’t seen Scarlett, and can’t confirm she isn’t a fictional creation of Ella, whatever she is, she’s hot, and she takes my relationship with Ella to the next level.

She directs Ella, executing vague instructions of mine: take control of Ella’s orgasms for a week. Choose her panties. Pose her for pictures for us.

I wish to God I could make Scarlett more real for me in all this, but maybe it doesn’t matter. She, and Ella, are very, very good at making my cock hard.

Don’t look a gift pussy in the mouth?

  3 Responses to “Ella and Scarlett”

  1. When I listened to Act One of this podcast (see link below) I couldn’t help but think of you, N. But that’s such an odd thing to tell someone (even an anonymous sex blogger, perhaps).

    Your post here provided a good opportunity to say, “yep; on both ends, there are a lot of unknowns.”

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