Oct 112015

My relationship with Sofia is a constant work in progress.

In recent weeks, we have been experimenting with a new way of interacting. In the past, I would tell Sofia what I wanted to see of her, what I wanted her to do for me, and she would, unfailingly, deliver. It made her pussy wet to give me what I wanted, and it made my cock hard to think about asking her, and to ask her, to do things for me.

More recently, Sofia’s been “on top” a bit in our relationship. Rather than my asking for things of Sofia, she has been delivering me what it turns her on to give me, unbidden, and asking me for things. The pace of our interactions has slowed a bit, but the heat remains scorching.

Soon, I hope, she will choose to give me something it would turn her on for me to share with you. But I won’t ask her….

Say something! (I just did....)