Oct 292015

Hypothesis: the ponytail is a signifier, communicating much about a woman’s relationship to sex. Ponytail variables include length, height, style, and neatness. I know – I know – that what I write will not be true in every case, and that I may well antagonize/alienate you, that your ponytail and your self may, in no way, conform […]

Oct 292015

What can I tell in a brief glance at someone about her sexuality? Sometimes, nothing. But sometimes, I imagine, a woman broadcasts everything I might want to know, just by how she carries herself. Yes, by how she dresses, sure. But more than that, by how she wears her clothes, by how her body occupies […]

Oct 262015

A brief rant – out of character, I think/hope…. And first, a preamble: I close the toilet seat in my house after each use. The toilets in my house uniformly are closed – seat and cover down – when not in use. I was raised to close the toilet cover after each use, and that’s […]

Oct 202015

There are many differences, of course, but here’s one: I used to see attractive women and be overcome with a combination of regret and resentment: I wanted, but I couldn’t have what I wanted. Not because of prohibition (though there was that), but because, simply stated, I didn’t understand that I was, or could be, […]

Oct 172015

Her name is Ella. She is a distant buddy. Not too distant – close enough that it seems reasonable to imagine that her mouth might well be on my cock before the year is out. But she’s not here. What is here, though, is this bit of hotness: listen to her edging for me, taking herself, […]

Oct 152015

There’s a difference. A leer is intrusive, objectifying, nearly hostile. The content is, generally, “I like that. I want that.” Without reference to what that might want. A hungry look, on the other hand, is deeply respectful. Its content is, generally, “Ooh, you look good. Thank you for feeding me visually. I wonder if, I […]