Sep 282015

I haven’t written much about Sofia lately. We went through a difficult period. We seem to be emerging from it. And today, I find myself wishing that I could see her – posing for me, touching herself for me – each of these ways: Dressed as a bridesmaid Wearing a suit, for an interview In […]

Sep 272015

Growing up, I didn’t have a clear mental image of a vagina. Playboy confused me, as did poor sex ed. I thought vaginas were vulvas, mounds of flesh covered with hair. I knew there was a hole – for pee, for penises. But I think I imagined it was something like the hole at the […]

Sep 232015

For the sin which I have committed before you under duress or willingly. And for the sin which I have committed before you by hard-heartedness. For the sin which I have committed before you inadvertently. And for the sin which I have committed before you with an utterance of the lips (or the pen, or […]

Sep 232015

It’s such an ugly emotion, and one that reveals so much. It’s been in my mind much lately. I suppose it started with the Ashley Madison hack, and the profusion of “they got what was coming to them” stories. But it’s a constant in the press, and in the news. People seem to love to watch […]

Sep 222015

Are you under 18? Welcome! Keep reading! I see all the disclaimers on blogs and porn sites that suggest that, somehow, they’re not appropriate for people under the age of 18. I hate that shit. I have no interest in having sex, or interacting sexually, with anyone under 18 (or about 24 or 25, for that […]

Sep 212015
Meet Lupa

I met her on Tinder. Or rather, we haven’t met. Yet. But she’s eager, and sexy, and she gave me this – an incredibly hot, whimpering, long orgasm. I thought I’d share it with you. And she assented. But I couldn’t. The file was too big for me to figure out how to get it […]

Sep 182015

Cande gave me a very thorough comment in response to a very terse post of mine. I aspire to respond to all the parts of it in time. But I thought I’d just start at the top. She wrote (I’m summarizing) that men who pay for sex generally have “anger issues toward women.” I don’t […]