Aug 312015

“Excuse me. Sir? Sir?!” “Yes?” She’s attractive, African-American, in her late twenties or early thirties. She wears a very short white minidress, her large breasts straining at the fabric. Her skin is dark, glistening, and her hair is short, straightened, greased back against her head. She wears dark purple lipstick, very precisely applied. “You like […]

Aug 312015

I want so much from you. More than anything, I want to possess you. To own you. To own not just your parts, but your pleasure. I want it all for me. I’m jealous that way. (Don’t mistake my profligacy for indifference: that’s not how it works for me. I want it all from you, […]

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Aug 302015

I’d met Cricket months ago, but she’d been in a monogamous relationship since then. Fresh out of one, we met for a drink. She wore short black shorts, a white/grey striped top, soft, not quite sheer, but close. I’d asked her to swap out the nude bra she’d been wearing earlier in the day, and […]

Aug 302015

Chryssie Hynde (whose music I love) has set off a bit of a kerfuffle by suggesting that, sometimes, women are to blame for being raped. She says, in an interview with the Sunday Times, of an incident in which she was assaulted when she was 21 by a member of a motorcycle gang: “Technically speaking, […]

Aug 282015
Relaxing… and exhausting

Prelude: as I’ve written, I find it (increasingly) hard to write powerfully about sex. I write reasonably well about anticipation, about ideas, but describing who put what where in a way that’s hot is not always easy for me. This post is short, and it doesn’t do justice to the pleasure I felt in Isabel’s […]

Aug 262015

Some people like ’em. (I’m looking at you, Hy.) I got nothing against women – or men – who like their men hung. To each her/his own, I say. My cock, though, is on the smaller side, as I’ve written. For much of my life, this was a source of great insecurity to me. I […]

Aug 242015

I sent her this note: Tonight will be relaxing, and exhausting. You will dress for an interview for an office position. You will bring, on your phone (if at all possible), a photo shoot of your choice (a new one, that I haven’t seen) intended to persuade me of your suitability. You will bring a […]

Aug 242015

As I walked toward a coffee shop, I noticed a beautiful young woman – in her early 30s, I’d guess – in black spandex leggings and a black tank top. She was walking a little quicker than I, but toward the same destination. I admired her ass – full, round, not small at all. Her […]

Aug 222015
A craving

I used to pay for a lot of handjobs – massages with “happy endings.” The truth is, though, that I often didn’t want a massage with a happy ending. The “happy ending” wasn’t even central to my aim. No, what I really wanted was for a beautiful woman to (want to) attend to my cock […]