Jul 112015

I’m told you’re hot. I’m told you might just want what I have to offer. I, of course, can’t possibly know whether that’s true.

But you can.

Read this blog. Learn about me. And know that, if you’re interested, I am too. You know, provisionally, based on knowing nothing at all about you.


  9 Responses to “Dear unknown woman”

  1. Well, if you insis — oh. I think you intended this for someone else.

  2. I am laughing so hard right now.

    • And why is that?

      • Your comment made me giggle uncontrollably. How do I know? My Spidey Sense tells me. It’s tingling. (Usually other things tingle when I read your writing … )

        Seriously, though. I’m sure the woman to whom you directed this post is squirming in her seat right now, feeling herself drip and drench in anticipation.

  3. I am not the unknown woman but this intrigued me. Will you let us know if she responds?

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