Le Trapeze, 2015

I first wrote about New York’s oldest sex club over three years ago, and I’ve returned maybe a dozen times, maybe more, since my first visit. In the time since my first visit, the club hasn’t changed at all, but I have, quite a bit.

When I first went, my mind was filled with fantasies – that it’d be filled with beautiful naked people, that my visits there would be incredibly hot, orgiastic experiences, that dozens of women would suck my cock, that it would be pure, Dionysian ecstasy. That’s not, at all, how it went.

Le Trapeze is dark, it’s skeevy, it’s raunchy, the people are diverse in every way, and, by and large, the sex there is very conventional. Couples have sex there, and sometimes they swap partners. Once in a while, there’s a threesome or a foursome.

The sheets can be wet. The porn sucks. The crowd often features men in their 70s with prostitutes in their 20s.

And still… I keep going back.


I think, in the end, that I go back for two very different reasons:

1) I like accompanying women to the edge of their comfort zones, and just beyond.

2) I like being in an atmosphere that is all. about. sex.

I don’t find it particularly hot. I often have a hard time getting, keeping, it up while I’m there. I don’t have a craving to be seen when I’m licking your pussy, or when you’re sucking my cock. I don’t particularly get off seeing others have sex.

Mainly, I find it interesting. I like seeing other people have sex. Not in the same way that I like looking at porn. Porn gets me hard. I jerk off to porn. No, I like seeing other people have sex because somewhere, deep in my soul, I have the notion that sex is bad. And in a place like Le Trapeze, sex isn’t bad. It’s everything.

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