Jul 262015

For reasons, we’ve been a bit less in touch lately. But the other day, she sent me a scorching video, one I don’t have permission to share with you, but which, nonetheless, I feel compelled to tell you about. It begins with her in a light green tank top and a pink thong, on her […]

Jul 262015

“When you start to drift into a situation where you might make bad choices, you stop and meditate?  I understand the value of daily, routine prayer or meditation, but I guess I don’t see the connection to things that occur randomly throughout the day. A very benign example is that commuting to and from work, […]

Jul 252015

I first wrote about New York’s oldest sex club over three years ago, and I’ve returned maybe a dozen times, maybe more, since my first visit. In the time since my first visit, the club hasn’t changed at all, but I have, quite a bit. When I first went, my mind was filled with fantasies […]

Jul 222015

An older man, late sixties, pushing a grocery cart filled with detritus, wearing thick glasses, missing a few teeth, shoddily dressed, stopped me. “Excuse me, sir?” I stopped. I thought he was going to ask me for change. I’m generous with my change. “Yes?” “Does women get Alzheimer’s?” This question has been in the news. […]

Jul 202015

So this just happened. Ashley Madison’s servers have been hacked, and some self-appointed moral vigilantes stand poised to embarrass thousands and thousands of people who’ve paid for Ashley Madison memberships. I don’t have an enormous amount to say here, except to quote from the hackers’ own communications: they write: Avid Life Media has been instructed […]

Jul 182015

She’s 5’6″, only a foot from me. Her cheeks are wide and her cheekbones are high, an improbable striking combination. Her curly blonde hair is held up by a pair of pink and black cheap plastic sunglasses. A black lacy tank/camisole is strained by her C-cup breasts, and hugs her belly tight beneath them. Her […]

Jul 182015

“Which do you prefer: restraints or blindfolds?” Um, both? Each is immeasurably better with the other. Restraints, though, are more work to implement, unless they’re the under-the-bed kind, and you’re in my bed. Which you’re not, and won’t be, unless you’re one person in particular. Workarounds – like makeshift or portable cuffs – are fun, […]