May 292015

I’m creative. My interactions with every woman are different, depending on the woman, my mood, our history, our relationship. But there are, as regular readers know, a number of constants in my interactions. Today, I’d like to share a little about the themes, strategies, and requests that typically characterize my early attempts to get to […]

May 282015
Fucking Sofia

Distance makes the cock grow harder. We’ll never meet, but I refuse to believe that. I need to fuck her. Not just to fuck her, of course. To put her to lengthy, extensive, use. She recently teased me in an e-mail in which she contemplated visiting my fair city, leading me to imagine carving out […]

May 272015

Go easy on me when you look back. I may have made mistakes, but they rarely resulted from not trying. Don’t be seduced by the idea that anything different would have been particularly easy. Even in the best of times, life was a struggle – a rewarding one, but a struggle nonetheless. It’s easy to […]

May 192015

Life is short. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t waste time pretending you don’t want to do the things you do. You do them because, on some level, somewhere in your body, you want to. The question never is “how do I stop?” It’s “what am I getting out of this?” That hot, interesting-looking chick over […]

May 182015

Desperation is never sexy. Hunger – particularly specific, particular hunger – is sexy. Confidence is sexy. If I feel hot, I am hot. Women like to hear what you think about them. Especially if what you think is, “I want to fuck you.” As long as you say it politely. Cock size doesn’t matter (to […]

May 162015
My porn tastes

They change remarkably little. I’ve written about them a bunch over the years, but I think I can summarize thus-ly: 1) I like to see women progress from fully clothed, preferably not in pornstar or stripper garb, and interacting normally, as if not on a porn set, to being fully willing to have and to […]

May 112015

It seems as if every six months or so, I fall ill. Well, I’m ill. I hope to be back soon. But until then, enjoy these posts from one, two, and three years ago: 2014: Happy Mother’s Day! 2013: Onomatopeia 2012: The Webmaster

May 092015

Skirts, dresses, yoga pants, shorts, what’s not to love? When I was in college, there was a sort of mini-trend among certain men to wear skirts. Not in an explicitly transvestite way, these were men who purported not to get any particular charge, sexual or otherwise, from wearing “women’s clothes,” but who rather simply rejected […]

May 082015

I asked Sofia to send me something she knew would turn me on to prompt me to write about how intensely I need to fuck her, how tragic it is that I can’t. Sofia knows me well. It’s been years now, literally, that she’s been feeding my insatiable hunger for her pretty body. She knows […]

May 072015

I’m not a big fan of writing challenges, but one of Cammie’s recent posts inspired me. She wrote about what makes her sexy. I like the idea, and I thought I’d steal it shamelessly. First, though, I thought I’d tell you what doesn’t make me sexy. Having led with my weakness, here, please find what […]