Apr 302015

She’s in her mid-30s. Spectacularly, purely, pretty. Not beautiful, not hot. Pretty. Pleasant to look at. More than pleasant. Compelling. Nearly perfect, somehow, in a preternatural way. She sits talking (an eastern European language I don’t recognize) to her boyfriend, slovenly, curly-haired. He’s unshaven. His jeans are tattered. His t-shirt is stained, and hangs out, […]

Apr 282015
As always, voice matters

I’ve written it before. I’ll write it again. There is nothing more determinative of my attraction to you than your voice. It has something to do with tone, with timbre. Confidence, openness, prosody. It all matters. I’ve tried, repeatedly, to describe just what it is about a voice I find sexy, what it is about […]

Apr 282015

I just read, at the suggestion of a friend, All My Friends Are Superheroes, by Andrew Kaufman. It’s a quick, light, fun read, about… well, about the superpowers we all have, but might not be inclined to understand as superpowers. One of the superheroes in the book is called “Someday,” and her superpower is procrastination. […]

Apr 272015

A few years ago, I met someone with the same name as the one with which I was born. Not the one, actually, the ones: our parents had given us the same first and last names. Neither of those names is especially uncommon, but I’ve never met anyone who had them both. I had, once, […]

Apr 262015

You young’uns don’t remember them, but before there was the interwebs, there were personal ads. In every town, an alternative newspaper – of the sort that exist vestigially today, as “The Stranger,” “City Paper,” “The Village Voice,” and so on – ran weekly personals. There was a code, an entire jargon, that evolved to facilitate […]

Apr 222015

Know that I’m thinking about your pussy. Know that I can see your thighs, your panties, whenever I close my eyes. Fuck that, even when they’re open. That I keep imagining I smell you, the sweaty, sweet, musky scent of your cunt, at surprising, unexpected moments. Like when I just walked into a coffee store […]

Apr 202015

Topics on which I’m trying to write: Sofia – always, Sofia My recent threesome with Rose and Isabel A legitimate massage from Tamora Some thoughts on strip clubs and massage parlors Google mapping sexual memories Compartmentalization, repression, and self-actualization Alice’s push-me/pull-you back-and-forth, complete with other completed assignments, and, maybe, a picture or two of her […]