Feb 282015

Key moments in this video, produced, thoughtfully, by PornHub: 1) Beeta-tester. Sorry, Brits. But to us ‘mericans, it’s funny to hear this. 2) Wanking warriors. 3) Jacking ON. I will totally buy this.

Feb 282015

Hi. Did you see this? I am curious about your view on the desire/arousal distinction…I wonder if… you think women can be categorized as either having hunger or responsive arousal…:) This question, from a sexy reader who hasn’t yet sucked my cock, but who, I’m fully confident, will. (If you don’t follow the link, it’s […]

Feb 282015

“… It was probably the best oral I have ever received. Your tongue was incredible and I almost squirted for you.” – Blondie (You haven’t read about her. But you will.)

Feb 272015

In another corner of my life, I’ve been reminded, recently, how gratifying it is for me when others approve of me, or, better yet, think highly of me. This is especially true of people I find attractive, whether intellectually, professionally, conversationally, romantically, or sexually. But honestly, anyone’s approval will do. When I receive approval, or […]

Feb 262015

I wrote this message today. This exemplifies how, I think, I don’t use women: I think I need, sadly, to put an end to this. This is one of those things where I have to trust my gut. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m finding myself not wanting to reply to your […]

Feb 242015

We meet in a hotel bar. The women (you) are instructed to be wearing black dresses and boyshorts. I will collect, via (silent, secret) text/e-mail, any specific requests/concerns after everyone’s met – such as “I don’t want to lick her pussy,” “I want her to lick my pussy,” etc. And then, I’ll send you upstairs, […]

Feb 232015

“Would you say you use women, or do you not see it that way?” I do. And I don’t. Early on, I told Isabel that I wanted to “use” her for my pleasure. It rubbed her wrong. I haven’t said it since, to her. Rose clearly craves my “using” her. She wants to be seen, […]

Feb 222015

Seriously. I write all day, every day. You read some of what I write, but not all. I have developed lots of little shortcuts, habits, preferences, etc. I’m an idiosyncratic writer, and not, honestly, a great one. I think I know my strengths – honesty, introspection, openness – and some of my weaknesses – a […]

Feb 222015

This is the third in a series on Emily. She’s young. She’s hot. And it’s unlikely I’ll ever explore the inside of her mouth with my cock. She’s self-conscious about her “lack of experience,” constantly putting herself down, telling me she’s “bad at fucking,” that I’d be disappointed in her. I’ve told her, I don’t […]

Feb 212015

I say what I mean. I mean what I say. I choose my words carefully, and, if I don’t speak, it’s because I have nothing to say. This is not a sub-tweet.* A sub-tweet is a message, delivered broadly, but intended for one person. Twitter features messages broadcast to dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions […]