“What movies turn you on?”

Any particular scenes? Why?

I was asked this recently by a woman who, I hope, will not remain nameless.

And I responded with two movies, one scene each.

They both appeared in 1986, a crucial year in the development of my sexuality, and just prior to its stagnation, two years later….

At the time, I was in a hot and heavy relationship with a college girlfriend. We had a crazy sex life. At least, crazy for me. I do believe we had sex every day. At least once. The entire year. Except the days on which we were broken up. (We broke up often.) And our sex was informed by these two movies, by these two scenes.

Each of the movies, each of the scenes, spoke to me on a really deep level, but one that I didn’t really allow myself to hear until… well, until just a few years ago, really.

If you haven’t seen them, watch them. So. Fucking. Hot.

This scene, from “9 1/2 Weeks,” is surely one of the hottest scenes ever recorded:

And this scene, from “Something Wild,” is less hot, but it features a young, incredibly hot Melanie Griffith. Topless. And the power exchange is more real, more complete. (And with a different mind-fuck component than the “9 1/2 Weeks” one.)

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