Dec 182014

Her hair is long, brown, wavy. She’s got big, full lips – and breasts, and a big tattoo on her side. She’s super pretty. I “met” her on Tinder months ago – maybe two Tinder profiles ago. We haven’t been able to meet in person. She’s just about the only person I’ve ever tried to interact with who’s busier than I am.

Also, to be fair, I think she’s just a little ambivalent about meeting me. Where some of the interactions I have with women I meet on Tinder get hot and heavy fast, Eva’s never fully engaged with me. She disappears quickly, engrossed in her own life. We made plans more than once, as I recall. She canceled once or twice. I canceled once or twice.

She has sent me two orgasms. One, in August. One, just recently. They’re both delicious. One thing I love about them is that you can hear her pretty smile. Another thing I love about them? Is that they’re soft, sweet, slow, fun. They’re not loud, scream-y affairs, and they’re not deep breath-y ones. They’re just all about sweet, sweet pleasure.


She promises that, come January, she will suck my cock.

My fingers are crossed.

Say something! (I just did....)

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