Dec 312014

I’m a very lucky man, in many ways. One of those ways is that I seem consistently able to connect with beautiful women who delight in, who get off on, sending me highly personalized porn. Sometimes, it’s a photo. Sometimes, a dozen photos, organized thematically, or posed at my request. Sometimes it’s audio. Spoken voice. […]

Dec 302014

There are two of them – Blondie and Emily. They’re very different in almost every way. The exceptions are these: 1) They both live too far away from me. (I met both of them through Tinder on the same trip out of town last spring.)2) They both have pretty much insisted on Snapchat as the […]

Dec 292014

This blog is three years old this month. Yesterday, I posted the top ten posts of the year. Herewith, the top ten blog posts of all time. The list changes, and what joins and leaves the list is always interesting to me. Here’s where things stand, today: My orgasm – In which I describe the […]

Dec 282014

For your reading pleasure – if you’ve missed any of these posts, for God’s sake, catch up! These are the top ten posts of the year – posts published in 2014: 10. Dear Belle Knox – I really like Belle Knox. Long may she reign.9. Dominance, submission, feminism and OKC – there are chowderheads everywhere.8. […]

Dec 282014

It’s always a bit hard for me to keep in the posting habit during holidays. My daily routine is upended, family is everywhere, and there’s a dearth both of writing time and playing time. Rest assured, there’s been some fun had. Well, first and foremost, of the real-life type. I’m really lucky that, in spite […]

Dec 262014

She’s small, but big. Young, short, incredibly busty. She’s used to sending pictures of her breasts to men. She says she doesn’t like her breasts, but if I ask her to show me her body, her breasts crowd out whatever else she might try to show me. I can’t tell if it’s because she’s so […]

Dec 222014

Her hair is elaborate. It’s straight, dyed. The roots are ostentatiously brown, the ends, equally ostentatiously platinum. The bangs are precise, a sharp line across her forehead. Her skin, pale, is somehow set off by the contrast between the platinum hair and her blood-red lipstick, meticulously delicately, applied. “I know her,” I think, from twenty […]