Oct 292014

Questions: 1) Why are you sucking my cock? 2) For how long will you suck my cock? 3) Why will you stop? Correct Answers: 1) Because I can? Because I need to. Because you asked (told) me to. Because it’s really fucking fun. Because you like it so much. Because it’s my turn. 2) Until […]

Oct 282014

N hasn’t been so active lately. There has been a tale or two I’ve not told you about, but honestly, not a lot. You’d never know it to look here, but I have been writing a lot lately. What I write where, for what audience(s), is a constantly shifting target, but, lately, there’s been much […]

Oct 282014

She’s tall. Maybe 5’7″. Slender. But curvy. Her waist is tiny, but her hips flare out wide. Her hair – black, with blonde highlights – is pulled back, tight. Her eyebrows have been plucked into narrow strips, and they rise sharply over her glitter eyelids and long eyelashes, over almond-shaped brown eyes. Her cheekbones are […]

Oct 242014

Among the things adults need to talk to kids about is, for better or worse, how to interact with police. Kids, teens, adolescents often experiment with authority, challenging it, rejecting it, respecting it. I’m white. My son is white. That makes this conversation somewhat less complicated, at least as regards him, but it’s important nonetheless. […]

Oct 232014

She’s 25 or so. Ginormous brown eyes. Ginormous. Fake eyelashes. Improbably, impossibly long. White lace patterned Muslim head-scarf, over a black cotton head covering. Elaborately shaped and trimmed eyebrows. Meticulously applied rouge, mascara, eyeliner. Shiny lip gloss. Also meticulously applied. Semitic nose. Perfect skin. Carefully applied black nail polish. A blue silk top, over C […]