Sep 212014

To tie you down, restraining your ankles and wrists.

You spread-eagle for me.

Your clit and cunt exposed.

A magic wand with a long cord and a convenient outlet.

To feel you buck and thrust against the restraints.

To hear you beg me to stop. Over and over.

To hear you say, no scream, your safe word.

A modest proposal, no?

  9 Responses to “I want”

  1. Why does this sound so appealing? Yum!

  2. I’m dripping just reading this…omg!

  3. Mmmm…..oh god yes. 😉

  4. Swift intended his ‘modest proposal’ to be a satire …

  5. A fucking amazingly torturous proposal

  6. Hope you will get what you want. Wish you a good week ahead.

  7. Seems reasonable.

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