Sep 302014

I’ve been writing about the topic of talking about sex with kids, and it occurs to me, porn is kind of a subject unto itself. In one post recommended to me on The Good Men Project, Andrew Smiler, the author, wrote “porn is about as realistic as an unscripted ‘reality’ TV show and as healthy […]

Sep 292014

There’s a meme going around in which we’re asked to nominate our top posts of the year, or other people’s top posts. Cara Thereon, who writes a blog I really enjoy, recently announced her decision not to participate. I’m with her. It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of my thinking (and feelings) about these […]

Sep 292014

No one ever had “the talk” with me. My parents were, in many ways, quite up front and comfortable with sex and sexuality. In others, not so much. Early on, I knew the basic mechanics of penis-in-vagina sex. (A good friend and I made a fair sum from our second-grade classmates by winning a bet […]

Sep 272014

I’m thinking about “the talk,” you know, the one parents supposedly have with their kids about sex. I’m working on writing down my thoughts (I have a post in draft form), but before I get too far, I thought I’d ask you: have you had the talk? What’d you say? What didn’t you say? Have […]

Sep 232014

Let’s perform for one another. Stand in front of me. I’ll be sitting, stroking my cock through my jeans. You’ll be standing in front of me, in jeans of your own. Your legs will be spread for me, the top button of your jeans undone, so you can slide your hand down under the denim, […]

Sep 232014

L has been deleting vigorously. All of her text messages, all the evidence of her secrecy, her compartmentalization, her excitement, her lust. I’m the opposite. I never delete. Deleting pains me, it feels almost like a crime against myself, an act of unfathomable self-destruction.

Sep 222014

Sex and aggression: I’ve always had a hard time with these two drives. I’ve always strived to get in touch with my aggression, to treat the women with whom I have sex well, but at the same time, to hit them hard enough, to fuck them hard enough. The truth is, you see, I don’t […]