Aug 222014

You’ve been getting to know Rose, a little.

You’ve heard tell of our first evening together, and of our second. (Our second, I told disjointedly. You could read in this order: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.)

Now, it’s time for you to hear Rose, to hear her mounting self-pleasure as she gives herself an orgasm. Listen for the delicious “oh fuck” just after 5 minutes, for the crazy happiness after 5:30. You can almost HEAR her smile at the end.

So fucking hot.

There will be more. I promise.

In fact.


Here’s another one. This one was a little more than a week later, and it came after the first time we’d been together, but before I’d fucked her. It’s much quicker. But it features multiple “fucks” and a “Jesus” or two. As well as some “Oh God”s, and an “Oh my God.” She comes just after 2:00, and cuts out too soon. (Rose, next time I want to hear more of the unwind….)

So hot.

So hot.

(There will be more.)

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