More on this soon, but….

A woman with whom I’ve been corresponding on Tinder recently told me she finds me intimidating, asked me if I imagine that women are intimidated by me, by the experience(s) I’ve had, by my blog.

I suppose the answer is, has to be, yes.

This is too bad.

It’s too bad for me, of course, because it means there are beautiful, interesting women I don’t meet, whose clits I don’t lick, who don’t suck my cock, whom I don’t fuck, because they’re intimidated by me.

Also too, it means there are women who don’t get to know me because they’re (wrongly, I tell myself) intimidated by me.

I’m not that intimidating. I’m just a guy. A nice guy, to be honest. I’m not a dick, I’m not a sex fiend, I’m not a monster.

I’m a guy.

And if you were in bed with me, you wouldn’t have the experience, as I did the first time I paid for a blowjob, of being with an unmistakable pro. You might find me good in bed, you might find my oral skills (in particular) stellar, maybe even better than you’ve ever experienced (though honestly, I don’t imagine I’m all that spectacular – I think I’m just good). You might spend some significant time wishing I’d just fuck you for God’s sake.

But I don’t think you’d find me intimidating.


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