Aug 302014

I’m a lucky guy. My summer features lots of family time, lots of vacation, lots of leisure. I’m traveling for the last time this summer, visiting another country, another culture. I’m exhausted. Summer’s been phenomenal, but long. My summer ends, structurally, in about nine more days. ‘Til then, I expect I may well be somewhat […]

Aug 282014

I’m a lot like a four-year-old. Sure, I say I’m “dominant.” And yes, it looks that way. But that’s mainly because I’m big enough, and strong enough, to take what I want. The truth is, I don’t really want to have to take it. I simply want it handed to me. Like a four-year-old, I […]

Aug 272014

Last week, I showed you Sofia’s ass. This week, you see her front. Gorgeous, right? You can see why I really fucking wish I could use her mouth. (And the rest of her.)

Aug 252014

I don’t know that I’ve ever written anything negative on this blog about anyone other than Jade Morey. I know that I’ve never written anything negative on this blog about someone whom I fucked, about someone who sucked my cock. And I never will. It’s just not how I roll.

Aug 252014

When I want to say good-bye to someone, I say good-bye. If I’m through with someone, I say good-bye. I don’t know that I’ve ever simply stopped speaking to someone. This is true in the world of work, in the world of friends, in the world of dating, even on Tinder. I don’t simply disappear. […]

Aug 222014

You’ve been getting to know Rose, a little. You’ve heard tell of our first evening together, and of our second. (Our second, I told disjointedly. You could read in this order: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.) Now, it’s time for you to hear Rose, to hear her mounting self-pleasure […]

Aug 212014

Interstices. Lacunae. And trajectories. These are what are hot for me. For the same reason getting is more fun than having, for the same reason a striptease is hotter than an all-nude revue, for the same reason black and white is more erotic than color – because sexual arousal depends on mystery – what’s beneath […]

Aug 192014

What are you thinking? Are you thinking, I want to make him feel good? I want to make him come? If so, you’re not sucking it the way I want you to. If there are any thoughts going through your head – and if there aren’t, if you’re fully present in the sensual experience, if […]