Jul 312014

Sofia and I were talking about responsiveness. She doesn’t come easily with men, and imagined that this meant she was, “almost by definition less ‘responsive’.” But this isn’t what I mean. I don’t mean, by “responsive,” that a woman comes when I finger her, when I lick her clit, when I fuck her. The steering […]

Jul 292014

You know that sensation? (If you have a cock, you do.) It’s just… really hard. The word we often use to describe the sensation is to say that it’s “aching,” but this isn’t quite right. “Ache” suggests pain, and it’s not really painful. It’s more in the secondary sense, the sense in which when you […]

Jul 292014

But not with me. L, you may recall, was the impetus behind this blog. When I first started writing it, she and I were something of an item. That was almost exactly three years ago. In the time since then, our little affair ran its course, but we’ve remained good friends. We typically meet for […]

Jul 282014

Terrorism? Or molestation? If you see a suspicious package, alert someone. Tell the train crew or police. Why put energy there? Why not somewhere where it actually might have a benefit? I thought this on a crowded train as I tried, hard, not to grind my cock, my hand, into the very attractive ass of […]

Jul 252014

That’s what Luna told me, half explaining her own behavior, half explaining that of other women. She gave me an ultimatum: Never mind my existing date that night. I had to see her. (If italics could communicate a whine effectively, that’s what they’d be communicating right there.) She was willing to meet me before that […]

Jul 242014

I said I was back, that more writing would be forthcoming, but I overestimated my back-ness. I am, now, truly, about to be more back. Though with some interruptions. So no promises. I am, however, hopeful. Meanwhile, I hope you’re having a great summer (if you’re in the northern hemisphere).

Jul 172014
Paean – strip club crush

I was, recently, at a strip club, with a date. I may or may not write about that evening. But let me just tell you about the phenomenally sexy dancer/stripper/woman working there who stole my heart (my cock). There are all sorts of things to say about her: unlike most such people, she was (I […]

Jul 152014

She stands 5’3″. She is athletic, muscular, pretty. Her hips flare out. Her solid, meaty ass fills her tight blue cargo pants – pants that weren’t intended to be tight, that were designed to fit generously. Her blonde hair, straight, layered, falls to just below her shoulders, shoulders which are covered by a fuchsia linen […]