Jun 302014

On three recent occasions, people have described me as “an admitted sex addict,” or some variant of that. Close readers of this blog know that my thinking on sex addiction, and on my relationship to it, is more nuanced (or muddied, or, muddled, or self-deceived) than that. I recently had an exchange with another blogger […]

Jun 302014

Luna is difficult. She’s spoiled. She’s entitled. She’s an attention whore. Not infrequently, she e-mails me, “Give me attention!” I don’t think she’s jealous, exactly. But she wants to be my first call, wants to know that, if, for example, I was getting my cock sucked by the Rockette, it wasn’t at a time when […]

Jun 292014

I wrote about how deftly Tinder handles rejection in my original paean to the app. If you haven’t used Tinder, there are two possible moments of rejection – before you’ve ever interacted with someone, and after. Before you interact with someone, you can reject her (or him) by simply swiping their photo off the lefthand […]

Jun 282014

I think of myself of abhorring it. I’m not a very dramatic person. Notwithstanding the drama of my story, or the complexity of my dissolute life, the truth is, there’s very little drama in it. For the most part, I lead a humdrum existence. The “husband and father” part of my tagline definitely covers the […]

Jun 262014

“There is no such thing as sexual competition, there is only the continual coming to terms with the fact that one can never be someone else…. Our rivals are merely other people. They are helpless, like us, because they only have one real advantage over us, and it is always decisive. They will never be […]

Jun 252014

She’s late. I’m annoyed. Wait – I shouldn’t be annoyed. I should be grateful. She’s traveling a long distance, after all, to hand her body over to me to do with as I please. “Are you ok?” I text. Time passes. Finally, finally, she arrives. She doesn’t walk through the door I’ve been watching. She […]

Jun 252014
Tinder strategies, part 2 – contact after matching

Tinder’s funny. Each person has up to six photos and about 200 characters in which to communicate enough about herself or himself to entice others. When two people have “liked” each other – have swiped one another’s pictures right, or tapped on the little heart under the picture – each person gets notified that “it’s […]

Jun 242014

A package will arrive from Babeland. I thought about sending it to your office, but it’ll go home, instead. Don’t open it. Bring it, along with your vibrator, and a change of clothes. Check in to the hotel no later than 9:30 p.m. Instructions will arrive, by e-mail, by 10 p.m. Time will be of […]