Apr 272014

This is so fucking hot.

I’m violating two rules here: first, I’m posting GIFs on my blog. Long ago, I said I wouldn’t, and I didn’t, and in fact set up an entire Tumblr just for the purpose of showcasing the GIFs I find hot. And second, I’m crossposting, putting something up here that I also put up there.

But this is just SO. FUCKING. HOT. Now, I really need to go see this movie. Which I fear will be disappointing because this is probably just an incidental scene, and not the whole point of the movie.

  4 Responses to ““You should wear stockings.””

  1. I’ve seen that film and I don’t remember that scene. Mind you it wasn’t a particularly good film and all I really remember is the scene where Cameron Diaz uses the windscreen of a car for masturbating. O_O

  2. He is so fucking hot. That stare.

  3. I could stare at him all day… here’s a clip from the movie. Hot.

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