Apr 072014

I’ve been to well over a dozen Ddevious Delights parties over the years, but it seems they are no more. Saul and Cat, the couple who run DD, have refocused their efforts on a Monday and Friday night club – Club Oasis, and “midweek midday playgroups.”

Club Oasis describes itself as “New York City’s newest and most intimate swing club.” I haven’t been. I can’t opine. But their web site suggests they admit single men, so I’m skeptical.

These playgroups are no longer the early evening, couples-only affairs that I came to love (with L, primarily, but with others as well). Now, they’re midday gatherings of single men and, I infer, women paid to attend.

I miss the playgroup, and they won’t be seeing me at the midday gatherings. Not really my thing. Sorry, guys.

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  1. How about starting your own group?

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