Apr 292014

Almost exactly two years ago (!), I wrote a post on “ethical non-monogamy.” That post resulted in (or was followed by) a series of comments in which, among other things, I was analogized to a Nazi (or, to be precise, my argument was analogized to that of a Nazi), and all of my photos on […]

Apr 292014

I wrote Belle Knox such a nice letter, and she hasn’t written back. I’m reminded of Steve Martin’s view of Farrah Fawcett Majors. Farrah Fawcett, he says, is conceited. Conceit-ED! “I mean, she has never even called me once. Can you believe it? After the hours I spent holding up her poster with one hand….”

Apr 272014
“You should wear stockings.”

This is so fucking hot. I’m violating two rules here: first, I’m posting GIFs on my blog. Long ago, I said I wouldn’t, and I didn’t, and in fact set up an entire Tumblr just for the purpose of showcasing the GIFs I find hot. And second, I’m crossposting, putting something up here that I […]

Apr 242014

I’ve never thought of myself as arrogant. I’ve thought that, like far too many men, I have the distasteful habit of speaking authoritatively, of ending sentences with downward intonation, of implying certainty, knowledge, when curiosity and openness might be more… appropriate. I’ve always understood this as almost vestigial, a sort of leftover bit of detritus […]

Apr 222014
Sofia's ass

Today, it’s mine. I asked and received her permission to post both these sexy sexy photos and to share with you her agenda for the thirty minutes she has to give to me. Yesterday, she told me I could have thirty minutes of her time today. Asked if that would work. I replied: “Whatever you […]

Apr 222014
Dear Belle Knox

I just want to tell you, I think you’re doing a kick-ass job. I’m really impressed by you – yes, sure, by your porn. Which is insanely hot – especially that really long sensual blowjob you gave in “Tip of the Tongue” on Nubile Films – I’m much more partial to watching that kind of […]

Apr 222014

The other day, my post on gangbangs (or “handbags,” as my phone really wants me to say) was mentioned in passing in this article by Zhana Vrangalova. Seriously, it was in passing. Like, in an aside, two-thirds of the way (three-quarters of the way) through a long article. She was nice to me. She quoted […]