Feb 282014

Hyacinth and I have, to my knowledge, the only two blogs with “dissolute” in their title. (Don’t tell me I’m wrong, please. I like believing that.) We started blogging at around the same time, and though she currently is monogamous, and her boyfriend (“the Neighbor”) only just found out about her blog, we have a […]

Feb 272014

Sometimes, she doesn’t know or believe some or all of the following. She thinks I don’t want you to know these things. She’s wrong. I’m incredibly proud of her, of her strength, her resilience, her courage, her heart, her wisdom. I’m honored to be her friend. I have been hers, but imperfectly, and worse, at […]

Feb 262014

Her hair is fiery red. Her skin is polished, smooth. Her nose has a tiny stud in the right nostril. Her eyes are big, round, brown. Her face is pretty. She wears a little too much rouge. Her lips are big, full, pursed, as she studies her phone, a colorful scarf between her chin and […]

Feb 252014
Tattoos – part 1

Twice in the last week, I’ve been asked if I have any. “You seem like a tattoo kind of guy,” said one (very hot) woman, fresh off adding a new tattoo to her burgeoning collection. Occasionally I remind readers that the glimpses you get of me are incomplete, partial, curated. It’s safe to say, no […]

Feb 242014

Her hair is blonde. It’s blonder at the ends than at the roots. But it’s blonde. Her face is pale. Her skin isn’t clear, it’s not smooth. It’s a little rough. Not unappealingly so. Not at all. Her hands have delicate, long fingers, with slightly gaudy, unexpected pink polish. Her left one holds a bottle […]

Feb 242014

Angela likes to give up control. The other night, while she was entertaining clients, she managed to, at my request, slip her panties off and put them in her purse. I know because she sent me a snapshot of her panties in her purse. Later that evening, she came for me. She wasn’t a perfectly […]

Feb 232014
Angela’s second orgasm

The other day, I wrote that orgasms beget orgasms. I’m so happy to be getting a torrent, a flood, of orgasms that I can share with you. I don’t know how it is, why it is, that I’m wired in such a way as to have an insatiable hunger for the female orgasm, for evidence […]

Feb 222014

Today, I’m pleased to share with you Ginger’s first orgasm for me. The chances of my collecting one of Ginger’s orgasms for myself in person are somewhat lower than the chances that I’ll collect one (or ten) from Angela (whose orgasm I posted last week). Ginger, you see, lives a plane ride away. But a […]

Feb 212014

Your eyes are pressed up against a tiny aperture. I guide the hole, carefully, to reveal to you only what I wish to show you, at the angle at which I want you to see it. I open the aperture wider, to show you more. I close it down, to show you less. I shut […]

Feb 202014

Two years ago, I wrote about fucking Svetlana, a woman who worked in a massage parlor. Marian Green, the author of the excellent Creative Noodling blog, recently commented on that post, that it’s a “rush,” a “high,” to seduce someone “who shouldn’t be allowing him or herself to be seduced.” What I liked best about […]