Jan 292014

Talking to interesting, fun, hot women in bars. I never did it before the last six months or so. I have twice in the last three days. No expectations, not even any real hopes. Just pure fun.

Jan 292014

I’m right-handed, but I just noticed that I do a lot of my writing with my left hand lately. I write on my phone a lot. My phone is an Android. (For a variety of reasons, many related to the way the keyboard and typing work, I find the iPhone simply maddening). I use Swype, […]

Jan 262014

I just discovered that if you go to this page, you can see dozens of the gifs I’ve selected as the hottest on the web. Holy fuck is a screen full of those all at one time hot. Just sayin’.

Jan 252014

UPS had a slogan for a while – “Moving at the speed of business.” Back in a previous life, one of my greatest advantages in the world of work was my speed. If you e-mailed me, I e-mailed you back. Pretty much instantly. Occasionally it might have to wait an hour or two (I was, […]

Jan 232014

1. Shit. I forgot my wallet. No credit cards. No ID. No cash. V has to pay for everything. Not very dom-ly. 2. Her text was right. This bar sucks. Her thigh-highs are way too sexy for this place. I should really pinch a nipple of hers. There. That’s better. 3. That’s funny: when I […]

Jan 222014

T and I go out, from time to time, on dates with other couples. Mostly, these have been people we’ve met through CraigsList. Occasionally, it’s been people we’ve met through OKCupid. These sorts of connections rarely pan out. Our very first ever such date was hot, and led us to have sex next to another […]

Jan 212014

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had a few distant buddies. Some have been more intense than others. Some have been people with whom I’ve exchanged, or from whom I’ve received, photographs. Some have been full-on virtual relationships. And some have been somewhere in between. Today, there is exactly one person who is far […]

Jan 182014

Every so often, I get an e-mail like this: Hi N, I was going to post this on your blog, but wondered if it was too personal… I have limited experience with D/s relationships, but fantasize constantly. Just read your Jan 6 2013. Inspired me to write. I want to please you. To obey you. […]