Dec 312013

I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. When I meditate (and other times, too) I sit. I follow my breath. And if I’m paying attention, I notice when my thoughts turn away from my breath. Sometimes, they turn to some other aspect of my momentary experience: my shoulder hurts, my foot’s asleep. […]

Dec 272013

Q. How many people are in your marital bed?A. (At least) six. The couple, and all their parents. There’s a surfeit of holiday-themed porn – Santas being sucked off by jolly elves; red, white, and green lingerie on models prancing and preening and posing in snow. There are lots of pronouncements by sex bloggers and […]

Dec 182013

There’s lots to write, all sorts of fun, hot stuff, but I’m just not in the mood. A wise writer I know once suggested that when I don’t want to write, the thing to do is to write about that feeling. But I don’t even want to do that. So here I am, writing about […]

Dec 172013

It’s so fucking hot. Imagining you, waiting for me. Dressed for me. Naked for me. Exposed for me. Open for my use. For my taking. Knowing, precisely, what will happen. Knowing that you exist for no reason other than to serve me, to minister to me, to make yourself available for the delivery of pleasure […]

Dec 162013

Tiny. Asian. Super cute. An engineer. Too much to drink. Too friendly. I hope she made it home safe.

Dec 122013
Why I eat your pussy

Hunger Oral sex is eating. I go down on you because I’m hungry. I want to devour you, to taste you. I’m hungry for you. Yes, I suppose, I’m hungry for your pleasure (see below). But when it’s best, when I’m best, it’s not for you, for your pleasure, that I dive between your legs […]