Oct 302013

Kinkly.com, a web site I don’t know, just told me I’m a sex blogging superhero. To be clear, I’m #30 on their “Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013.” A lot of the top thirty are sex toy review web sites, or sex education web sites. Most of us aren’t conventional sex bloggers. But I am! And I’m #30. And lots of my other favorite blogs are also on the list.

Take a look – there’s lots of good stuff there. (Thank you, Kinkly! I’m flattered.)

And just for fun, here’s the whole list:

  1. Heyepiphora.com (@Epiphora)
    2. Dangerouslilly.com (@Dangerouslilly)
    3. Mollysdailykiss.com (@Mollysdailykiss)
    4. Redheadbedhead.com (@Bedheadtweeting)
    5. SmutForSmarties.com (@LadyCheeky)
    6. Sunnymegatron.com (@SunnyMegatron)
    7. Kinkandpoly.com (@piecesofjade)
    8. Queeriebradshaw.com (@QueerieBradshaw)
    9. Agoodwomansdirtymind.com (@GoodDirtyWoman)
    10. Karasutrareviews.com (@Kara_Sutra)
    11. Carasutra.co.uk (@TheCaraSutra)
    12. PeggingParadise.com (@Ruby_Ryder)
    13. Perverticallyvirtuous.com (@VirtuousPervert)
    14. Sex-in-words.blogspot.ca (@SexInWords)
    15. LoraxofSex.com (@LoraxOfSex)
    16. Ohjoysextoy.com (@ErikaMoen)
    17. Walkerthornton.com (@WalkerThornton)
    18. Ashleymanta.com (@ashleymanta)
    19. Thestdproject.com (@TheSTDProject)
    20. CharlieGlickman.com (@charlieglickman)
    21. Inbedwithmarriedwomen.com (@Jill_Hamilton)
    22. Themamasutra.net (@TheMamaSutra)
    23. Tinynibbles.com (@violetblue)
    24. Sex-ational.com (@sex_ational)
    25. Thebeautifulkind.com (@TBK365)
    26. Sexed102.com (@Kara_Sutra)
    27. Offgothepanties.com (@offgothepanties)
    28. Charlienox.com (@CharlieNox)
    29. Tobeaslut.com (@tobeaslut)
    30. Mydissolutelife.com (@nlikes)
    31. Geekynymph.com (@GeekyNymph)
    32. Vaginaantics.com (@Heather_Cole1) and (@Nikki_Blue1)
    33. Fuckblogging.com (@fuckblogging) and (@venicebloggs)
    34. Girlyjuice.net (@Girly_Juice)
    35. Dumbdomme.com (@DumbDomme)
    36. Domme-chronicles.com (@Ferns__)
    37. Curvaceousdee.com (@CurvaceousDee)
    38. Thesindoll.com (@TheSinDoll)
    39. Grittywoman.co.uk (@GrittyWoman)
    40. Masculinesubmission.wordpress.com (@TomioBlack)
    41. Propertyofpotter.com (@pottersproperty)
    42. Mrwillshouseofthrills.com (@MrWills_HoT)
    43. Rebelsnotes.com (@RebelsNotes)
    44. Theprattlingsofseverin.wordpress.com (@SaintSeverin)
    45. Silverdropstoybox.com (@silverdropUK)
    46. Betterthanieverexpected.blogspot.ca (@JoanPrice)
    47. Puckerup.com (@TristanTaormino)
    48. Kinketc.com (@LoriandHubby)
    49. Alyssaroyse.com (@alyssaroyse)
    50. Clitical.com (@CliticalJenne)
    51. Wholesexlife.com (@WholeSexLife)
    52. Learn.condomdepot.com (@condomdepot)
    53. Toptobottomnyc.com (@Top2Bottom)
    54. Ruffledsheets.com (@ruffledsheets)
    55. Lifeontheswingset.com (@swingsetlife)
    56. Thedirtynormal.com (@enagoski)
    57. Girlonthenet.com (@girlonthenet)
    58. Sexylittleideas.com (@joejohnstun)
    59. Blog.grandopening.com (@KimAirs)
    60. Naughty-corner.com (@Josephine_KK)
    61. Nakedallthetime.com (@nakedjill)
    62. Thoughtsofagrowingsub.com (@subreiskyem)
    63. Eroticwriter.wordpress.com (@_Monocle_) and (@Ximena_Writes_)
    64. Beanfiddler.com (@beanfiddlers)
    65. Symonekittynelson.com (@TheSymoneShow)
    66. Mysexprofessor.com (@mysexprofessor)
    67. Filledandfooled.wordpress.com (@CurvyMilfy)
    68. Mollena.com (@Mollena)
    69. Lehmiller.com (@JustinLehmiller)
    70. Blog.catherinecoaches.com (@Catcoaches)
    71. Beingblacksilk.com (@BeingBlacksilk)
    72. Suggestivetongue.com (@Suggestive)
    73. Aslutsmemoir.com (@iSlut_)
    74. Adissolutelifemeans.com (@adissolutelife)
    75. Wqebelle.blogspot.ca (@wqbelle)
    76. Sextoysofa.co.uk (@SexToySofa)
    77. Naughtyreenie.com (@NaughtyReenie)
    78. Beckandherkinks.com (@beck42069)
    79. Sexgeek.wordpress.com (@sexgeekAZ)
    80. Sexualitysanctuary.com (@sangsaraB)
    81. Houseofhellkat.com (@Hellkat83)
    82. Kinky-world.net (@mistress_kay)
    83. Slutist.com (@slutist)
    84. Emandlo.com (@emandlo)
    85. Darkside-journey.blogspot.ca (@padmeamidala)
    86. Jolynnraymond.com (@JolynnRaymond)
    87. Lifeofalovergirl.wordpress.com (@lovergirlslife)
    88. Hesnaked.com (@Hesnaked)
    89. Nymphetaminekiss.com (@NymphetamineKis)
    90. Sexandtheshameless.wordpress.com
    91. Sexandthestate.com (@CathyReisenwitz)
    92. Creativenoodling.wordpress.com (@CreativeNoodlin)
    93. Metanotherfrog.com (@metanotherfrog)
    94. Bedroombondage.co.za/blog/ (@bedroombondage)
    95. Midnightboudoir.org (@MidnightBlondi)
    96. Huntingforsex.blogspot.ca
    97. Malflic.com (@MalflicMagazine)
    98. Barenakedlady.wordpress.com (@JillyBoyd)
    99. Underhishand.com
    100. Amyjogoddard.com (@amyjogoddard)

[And, thank you to Molly (#3), and Virtuous Pervert (#13) for nominating me!]

  5 Responses to “Apparently, I’m a sex blogging superhero”

  1. I’ll never forget one of the first posts I ever remember reading of yours was about you on a list. You were very kind to me on that list and that’s when you had me. Congrats on your #30! I’m keeping the list warm down at #74 😉

    • I should have said in this post that all the blogs I love are way down there on this list. Unfairly. I’m thinking of doing my own, much shorter, heavily annotated list. Or series of lists. I love your blog. But you know that.

      • Please do N., you know I love to read anything that you find interesting enough to disclose to us… Most of the websites/blogs you referred to and I visited, I loved!

  2. I agree with your observation about “A lot of the top thirty are sex toy review web sites, or sex education web sites.” Personally they are not the blogs that I read and although clearly blogging adult topics have a very different content to those of us who don’t tend to write reviews or sex ed. There is a place for all but my heart always falls with those who write ‘conventional sex blogs’. Although there is nothing really conventional about it!?

    It is why I started my own list last year and will be carrying on this year. To show my readers the blog I read, like, admire etc. The ones that make me think, turn me on, inspire me and it is why there are only 20 on my list as I feel like that is a true reflect of the blogs I truly read.


    Ps… Congratulations on your No. 30. You were one of the blogs I nominated for this list and so was delighted to see you there.

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