Sep 202013

You don’t know what I look like. If you’ve read really closely, maybe you have a tiny sense. But here:

All my life, I’ve been told I look JUST like… someone. First, it was Tom Hanks.

Then John McEnroe.

Then, Howie Mandel.

At 25, I went bald. And put on weight. And Seinfeld was big. For a long time, it was George Costanza.

Then, I lost weight, and suddenly, for a moment, it was Bruce Willis.

But that didn’t last long: soon, it was Gary Sinise.

That prevailed for a few years and was the most intense: people said it to me constantly, and on more than one occasion, I was actually mistaken for him.

I never particularly saw any of those resemblances, good or bad. I looked in the mirror and I just saw… me.

A few years ago, I grew a beard, for the first time. The Gary Sinise thing ended. Overnight. And since then, for the first time, I never hear sentences that begin, “You look just like….”

I can’t say I really miss it – I only just really noticed it now (when I saw Howie Mandel on an ad).

  3 Responses to “You look just like…”

  1. I try to emulate Andy Garcia as much as possible, but all I ever get is “you’re just like Jim Carrey”. Occasionally I get the likes of Harry Kewell, Michael Owen and once that android guy off Prometheus.

  2. You look like so many people, which may mean that you have quite a common look!

  3. Those are not at all bad comparisons in anyway! Gary Sinise is one of my absolute favorite actors! And Seinfeld will always be one of my favorite shows.

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