Sep 302013

I do love me some.

I’ve written about how large breasts, and in particular those filled with silicone, or saline, or whatever, don’t particularly excite me. But I don’t know that I’ve ever written explicitly about how hot tiny lumps of breast-y flesh are to me.

I love to see bras, in person, in porn, primarily because they obscure, delay. But the truth is, bra-lessness, particularly on a modestly endowed woman, is even hotter to me. I love to see the slight curve against a t-shirt, the nipple standing out, protruding from a minimal breast. I love the sensation of my hand fully covering a breast, leaving none to spill out the side, over the edge, to lower my mouth not just on the nipple, but on the breast itself.

  One Response to “Small breasts”

  1. Breasts need no be big. Most important they must be proportional to the rest of the body, better if they are nicely-shaped.

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