Sep 262013

Flip-flops, with lavender rubber straps. Bare muscular legs, crossed, knee over knee. A shapeless khaki skirt hanging down, revealing meaty thighs and the beginning of a curvy, generous ass. A loose black cotton top, draped, hanging over, smallish breasts, the outline of a triangular bra clearly visible.

Black, straight, shiny shoulder-length hair, pulled back over her ears, not neatly. Shiny, glossed, thin lips, pursed, studiously. Blue eyes, fixed on the floor, beneath eyebrows plucked just a little too aggressively. Shiny pearl spherical earrings, just a little too big.

Imperfection can be hot.

  One Response to “Paean”

  1. Not even that big of imperfections, but certainly hot from the sounds of it

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