Sep 302013
Small breasts

I do love me some. I’ve written about how large breasts, and in particular those filled with silicone, or saline, or whatever, don’t particularly excite me. But I don’t know that I’ve ever written explicitly about how hot tiny lumps of breast-y flesh are to me. I love to see bras, in person, in porn, […]

Sep 292013

Drank too much. (Not supposed to drink right now, but is one night gonna kill me?) Hung out with good friends. Crashed hard. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

Sep 272013

Her blonde hair is lustrous, long, hanging down well below her shoulders. There’s something sensuous about her curls, which remain visible even though straightened by the weight of her hair’s length. Her eyes are big, hazel, set deep in her long, clear face, just above her high cheekbones. She wears a black-and-white horizontally striped cotton […]

Sep 262013
Black stockings

What is it about black stockings on a pale white woman’s legs? Is it the delectation they invite me to imagine, at their top? Where, if they are thigh-highs, they meet creamy flesh just out of my view? That tantalizing expanse that lies between their top and where the (black, again?) cotton or silk once […]

Sep 262013

Flip-flops, with lavender rubber straps. Bare muscular legs, crossed, knee over knee. A shapeless khaki skirt hanging down, revealing meaty thighs and the beginning of a curvy, generous ass. A loose black cotton top, draped, hanging over, smallish breasts, the outline of a triangular bra clearly visible. Black, straight, shiny shoulder-length hair, pulled back over […]

Sep 252013
Finishing "Shame"

I wrote about the encounter between Brandon and the young woman played so powerfully by Lucy Walters that opens “Shame.” I had forgotten the final scene of the movie, a reprise of the first scene. And, in reading a couple of interviews with Walters, I realized I got one detail wrong: she didn’t just have […]

Sep 232013
Watching “Shame” again – pleasure and joy

When it came out, I saw “Shame” in the theater. I wrote about it, somewhat incoherently (in retrospect). I’m watching it again, now, at home. Last night, I watched the first half of it. It yanked my heart out. Michael Fassbender’s performance as Brandon is brilliant, heart-rending. And it captures so much of what I […]

Sep 202013
You look just like...

You don’t know what I look like. If you’ve read really closely, maybe you have a tiny sense. But here: All my life, I’ve been told I look JUST like… someone. First, it was Tom Hanks. Then John McEnroe. Then, Howie Mandel. At 25, I went bald. And put on weight. And Seinfeld was big. […]

Sep 192013

These are some tough questions I’ve been pondering that, surely, will be coming…. Dad, did you ever cheat on Mom? Dad, did Mom ever cheat on you? Dad, did you ever use a prostitute? Dad, did you ever suffer from addiction? Dad, did you and Mom ever think about getting divorced? I don’t know how […]