Aug 302013

She’s 25, maybe 28. From South Asia, brown. Plain-looking. Her head is covered with a head scarf, navy blue, wrapped tight so as to contain every strand of hair. She wears unfashionable purple plastic glasses, behind which her brown eyes avoid all contact. She wears a black tunic-like dress, buttoned up to her neck, where it meets the balaclava-like bottom of her head scarf – no flesh is visible beneath her chin.  Her dress extends to her wrists and her ankles, where tiny bits of flesh are visible.

In her lap, a “Merry Aerie” bag with an outsized photo of some brunette (white) supermodel. The model pouts at the camera, her (large) breasts spilling out of a lacy black bra.

The woman carrying the bag notices me noticing her, her bag.

She rolls the top of the bag down, obscuring the photo.

Say something! (I just did....)