Jun 232013

Have you ever watched a woman come?

In Starbucks?

I never did, ‘til just the other day.

Thank you, Google Hangouts, for facilitating a lovely stretch of time. Or three. During which I did. Over. And over. And over.

Should I watch her face? Or her hands in her pussy? Where do I want the camera? FUCK, there’s no good answer to that question. If it’s on her pussy, I can’t see her lips, her tongue, her teeth, her eyes. Are they open? Closed? Fluttering?

If it’s on her face, I can’t see how she’s touching herself. Is she pressing? Flicking? Vibrating? Fingering? Fast? Hard? Slow? Soft?

In the end, I settle on her (beautiful) face.

  One Response to “She cums for me… in Starbucks”

  1. Oh, this is sweet.

    (was that what you were going for?)

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