Jun 302013

Ferns, over at Domme Chronicles, recently posted about writing a personal ad. And I was struck by something. Her ad is a particularly well written, comic, standard ad. About two-thirds of the words concern the man she seeks, and about one-third describe herself. On OKCupid, the organizing principle is that we want to date people […]

Jun 292013

I was just tooling around my stats, and I thought you might be interested to see the pages and posts that have been most popular. The first list is posts only – just individual blog posts. The second list includes pages, collections, categorizations. Either provides a kinda fun way to surf for a few minutes. […]

Jun 282013

[a post inspired by recent events, about which more anon] They don’t turn me on. Not pictures of them, or the prospect of attending one. Many men worry that our desire is so great, so powerful, that it will overwhelm or even kill the women at whom it is directed. I do. And my “trick” […]

Jun 272013

It hadn’t occurred to me, but even the name is smug, superior, self-satisfied. And wrong. It should be “make sex, not porn,” to be accurate, as much of the sex depicted is not “making love” – it’s between friends, or solo, or whatever. But even then, why start by saying, in your name, “what we […]

Jun 262013
Make love, not porn

There’s a new porn web site in town, called “MLNP.TV“. It features user-provided porn – sort of like a higher-end “Youporn,” on which sexy (and some not-so-sexy) couples, and individuals, can post themselves having (gasp!) real sex. I wrote about it some months ago, complaining about the pricing model. They haven’t changed the pricing model, […]

Jun 212013

Every so often, I like to write lists. Here’s one. LickFlickSlurpKissSuckGulpEngulfTongueWrapGripRubStrokeTouchSurroundTasteTemptTeaseDevourSwallow

Jun 202013

First, we played peekaboo. Then, he started throwing pretend things at me. And then, pretend punching. Finally, he shot me, first with a pretend handgun, then, with a pretend machine gun. I pretended to die. Grotesquely, elaborately, loudly, at great length. Even after I died, the bullets kept flying. I begged and pleaded: can’t we […]