May 092013

And rock bands’ll go
But rock ‘n’ roll’s gonna go on forever

Jane doesn’t review sex blogs till they’ve been around for a year. When they wouldn’t review me, this bummed me out. But now, now that they’ve reviewed me, now that this blog is a year-and-a-half old (and virtually all of the blogs I thought of as peers when I started are gone), it kinda makes sense.

In my brief time, these are just a few of the blogs that I’ve seen streak through the sky like shooting stars, only to burn out for whatever reason:

One life, take two

Always each other (Liza still updates it infrequently, though only two or three times a month, and not, so far, in the month of May.)

Uncommon appetites (They still update occasionally, too, though mostly just to put up hot pictures and/or pimp

Lizzie’s grey matters (to be fair, Lizzie does still post occasionally, but I wish she’d post every day.)

Absinthe passion


Some young thing

Nic and Lace (still kicking, but their frequency of posting has declined every month, from 13 in December, to 4 in April, and none so far in May)

These have been among my favorite sex blogs – the smartest, the hottest, the most fun. And they’re gone. And I miss them.

  4 Responses to “Rock bands’ll come”

  1. I was surprised to see Jane’s Guide recently reviewed a site that was just three months old.

    You do know they reviewed you, right?

    (also, you’re Jane’s Guide link is broken)

  2. Even in the briefest of time we’ve been blogging, I already miss some of the bloggers that I was following/reading. Two have completely shut down, even removing their website, which they had for years.
    Change happens.

  3. You’re sweet. It turns out I’m not much of a sex-blog blogger.
    I do post other things other places almost daily.. 😉

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