May 062013

This blog is sprawling. There are, at this writing, over 500 entries, and I average about a post a day. I write over and over about certain topics, and once in a blue moon on others. For folks who are just discovering the blog, I’ve tried to put a couple of pages together that will give you a flavor for me, for how I write, for what I write about. These aren’t comprehensive – they’re more gestural, directional. Use them to get a sense of what there is deep in the bowels of this blog if you root around looking for more.

And I’m adding a link to a page that looks a lot like this one at the top of my home page, just so you can find these guides easily.

If you have suggestions for such a guide, please let me know. And in the mean time, here are the first two:

First, a page devoted to my cock.

Second, a page devoted to things I like.

  3 Responses to “Reading guide”

  1. Well done! Look forward to see interesting postings from you!

  2. Wouldn’t most posts be under things you like ? *smirks*

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