May 312013
How I wait

I’m off to our nation’s capital, by train. Amtrak makes track announcements about ten minutes prior to departure. Until then, passengers stand, faces upturned, staring at the sign on which track numbers are posted. Track numbers appear as they’re announced on the PA, and the crowd moves competitively, jockeying for position as the throng boards. […]

May 302013
Paeans and want, or, life in the big city

Who needs a car? I love that travel here necessarily involves intimate contact with hundreds, thousands. For many, this overwhelms, For me, it enraptures. This morning, a woman – taller than I’m usually drawn to – walked before me. Her long legs were muscular, toned, and a short red cotton dress hung on her. She […]

May 292013
On the swingset

The scene: a weekend away with friends, and friends of friends. Three couples, five kids. Bikes, mopeds, puzzles, games. Grilling chicken, eating shellfish. Drinking too much, staying up too late. General relaxed, fun, never serious conversation. Apropos of nothing, Sarah, a sexy, petite, exotic mom brings up to all the assembled adults (two-year-old on her […]

May 292013

She’s tiny. Well under five feet tall. Brunette, wavy, shiny hair, hanging to her nipples. Strappy sandals, blue cotton minidress to mid-thigh. Green, piercing eyes. Round, small breasts, pressing against soft cotton. Why doesn’t she smile?

May 232013

Orgasms are emotional points of inflection in time. Some cry after they cum. Some laugh. Some want to cuddle, or hug. Some want to run, others to sleep, others to smoke. Some want to run away. Orgasms are so intense, they’re natural demarcators of change: invariably, the moments after an orgasm are different than the […]

May 232013
Paying for it, revisited

If I’m honest, in my moments of greatest pain, loneliness, rejection, perceived abandonment, what I want more than anything isn’t sex. No, it’s sex with someone I’m paying. This was true before I reined in my out-of-control behavior, and it’s true since. I’d rather dial a familiar number and see a woman I’m paying to […]

May 172013

The word “talent” has always made me uncomfortable in its application to female beauty. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it has. I guess because it seems to assert a sort of collective male sense of power and entitlement in the face of female beauty, as if we men are the ultimate determiners of women’s […]

May 172013

I offer a realm in which you may do nothing but what I ask, and in which you know you will be safe. In which you exist for my pleasure. And you’re mine. In which your senses are heightened. And they’re mine. In which your arousal is guaranteed. And it’s mine. In which your orgasms […]