Apr 222013

Stand before me.

Dress, obviously, as I request.

Chat with me: how do you feel, knowing how I’m about to use you?

Are you hungry for my cock?

Can you wait?

When I instruct you, but not a moment before, you will kneel for me. Kneel before me.

Perhaps, first, I’ll trace a finger along your lips. Or slide it between them, feeling your tongue.

I might kiss you.

Or pull you against me.

Or slide a finger, or two, or three, deep inside you.

But probably not.

I’d like you to stay dressed.

And while I could get to your pussy without undressing you, I suspect I won’t.

So I will invite you to kneel in front of me.

I will ask you to caress my cock through my jeans.

Is it hard?

(Yes, it is.)

Do you want it?

(Yes, you do.)

How much?

(A lot.)

How much?

(A LOT.)

Are you sure?


Are you SURE?


I will ask if you’d like to take my cock out of my jeans.

You will nod. Perhaps just a bit breathlessly.

I will invite you to unbutton my jeans.

My cock will be aching to emerge.

It will pop out, and I will heave a sigh of relief as you devour me.

  2 Responses to “One vision”

  1. N.B. I like this vision. A lot. So much so that I let out a moan on the train reading it, much to the surprise and enjoyment of the man sitting next to me.

  2. Not only women like to get a lick, I also like to receive blowjobs. I really miss it! LOL!

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