Apr 292013

I wrote about her a while back.

Since then, so much – and nothing – has happened. She knows I have a blog, that I fuck women other than my wife, that I find her insanely hot.

She’s told me that her relationship simply couldn’t admit to the sort of openness of mine.

And she flirts with me even more shamelessly than ever. (In the last few days, she has said, “I’m easy,” “You just want to use me,” and various and sundry other such things.)


  2 Responses to “Diamond (2)”

  1. Well, both of you are adults and know what you’re doing. Both are willing parties. Maybe she is unhappy with her guy or maybe she just needs another outlet, or maybe she is just plain promiscuous.

    • As luv2sex says, both are willing parties… you can always get out at any time, if this doesn’t suit you right? So maybe you just enjoy being toyed with a little bit 😉

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