Apr 292013

I wrote about her a while back. Since then, so much – and nothing – has happened. She knows I have a blog, that I fuck women other than my wife, that I find her insanely hot. She’s told me that her relationship simply couldn’t admit to the sort of openness of mine. And she […]

Apr 292013

Do you prefer vibration or penetration? Or both? Would you prefer one finger? Two? Four? A fist? Do you cum from fucking? From oral? By dildo? Vibrator? Never at all? Instantly or after an hour? Is it predictable – do you always cum? Or is it capricious? Do you cum once or ten times? Are […]

Apr 252013

Shortly after I started this blog, I tried to promote it a bit on Google+, the community that Google had hoped would be its rival to Facebook (but which, apart from inspiring a pretty devoted, but small, following, hasn’t taken off). Pretty quickly, Google acted against me – they deactivated my profile (“N. Likes,” they […]

Apr 242013

I used to imagine that there was a simple explanation. To anything. To everything. I imagined, for example, that there was a simple explanation for my out-of-control sexual behavior. I thought someone (my shrink?) could just tell it to me, and then, magically, the (need for) the behavior would just –  POOF! – disappear. (“N,” […]