Playing hookie

I apologize for delegating the reporting on this tryst – this delicious, cock-draining, tryst – to V. But she documented it really well, and I – well, I just let too much time pass since then to be able to do it justice by writing about it now. So, without further ado, a morning fuck with V.

N. has very specific instructions for our morning:

He wants my hair still wet from the shower.

He wants me to stay completely naked.

He wants coffee ready.

He wants me to send a picture of the chair I’ll be waiting in for him.

I text him as soon as my roommate leaves; he’s been waiting on my block.  As soon as I buzz him in, I open my front door just a crack and sit down in a living room chair, naked. 

He opens the door, smiles takes off his coat and asks me to get up. He kisses me, presses his hand against my cunt and then walks past me and sits down. He licks his fingers.

He asks me to walk over to the door and get on my hands and knees. 

I do.

He asks me to crawl towards him.  

I do, swinging my hips from side to side. 

When I reach him, he asks me to stand up, spread my legs and touch myself. I reach down and do as he asks.

Then he asks me to stop.

“Actually, can you get me a cup of coffee please?”

I smile (well really it was a smirk), but I comply.

“Thank you,” he says.  “Okay, now touch yourself.” 

I slide my fingers along my clit, already slick from the two orgasms I recorded for him that morning.  My eyes close and I’m lost in sensation.  Suddenly I feel an intense heat on my nipple.  I gasp and open my eyes.

I look down to see N’s coffee cup against my breast and a smile on his face.  He pulls it away and says, “Don’t stop” as he gestures towards my hands. 

I feel defiant in the moment, he’s toying with me, but deep down part of me likes it.  

I keep touching myself and then feel his fingers twist my other nipple, hard, his hand is freezing cold. Again I gasp, and he replaces his hand with his coffee cup for just a split second.  Again I’m overwhelmed with sensation.  He rests back in his chair again, just watching me.  

“Cum for me” he says.  

I’m nodding.  I can’t speak.  My tongue flicks out and wets my lips. My head drops back. 

“Cum for me” he says again. 

I love when he says this. I want to cum for him. I always want to cum for him.

He asks me one more time, this time drawing out the words a bit.


My orgasm is sudden and intense.  My knees buckle and I almost can’t stand, I collapse with one arm against his chair and he holds me up just a bit until I can stand again.  

“Give me your hands,” he says.  He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a sharpie.  He writes on one palm and then the other.  I turn them over to face me.  ‘Good girl’ they say. I smile and let out a laugh.  He knows how much I love being a good girl for him.  

“Now spread your legs again,” I do and this time he pushes his fingers deep inside of me.  He fingers me hard, making my whole body quiver.  I look down and see him pick up his coffee cup to take a sip as he’s fucking fingering me.  I let out a short laugh, amused by him, before he pushes another finger in me making me forget about everything but his hands once more.  He makes me cum a number of times, with each one I shudder against his hand, gripping his forearm to remain standing. 

I’m not even sure where it came from, but suddenly I start begging for his cock. N. looks up at my face, seriously turned on and entertained, as if he has me right where he wants me.  

He removes his hands from me and asks me to go to the bedroom and stand by the bed.  I hear him come up from behind me and without warning he spanks me a number of times in succession.  It was harder than I was expecting, but as much as it hurt it turned me on more.  

He asks me to lay down on the bed.  He lowers his mouth to me and makes me cum over and over again until I don’t think I can cum anymore.  I’m moaning, I’m panting, I try to tell him “I can’t, I can’t,” but he won’t stop and finally I yell “Yes I fucking can” right as I cum against his mouth.  

N. pulls me over to the edge of the bed and props my legs up against his chest.  I’m spread, my cunt wet as can be, and slowly, slowly he rolls on a condom, his eyes on mine the whole time. 

He pushes into me and he fucks me, hard, pulling my thighs in against him.  I grip the edge of the bed, moving my hips, my ass back against his cock.  He hits an incredible rhythm in fucking me, I never want it to end.

Eventually I ask N. to lay down so I can be on top. I rock against him slowly at first, then gradually I begin fucking him harder and harder until I feel him cum inside me as he lets out a surprisingly deep moan.  His face is priceless in this moment.

I get him hard again and suck his cock lazily and then with intent until he cums again.  We chat in bed until it’s time for us both to return to work, which is all too soon.  I’m still naked as he kisses me by the door and then slips out into the hallway.


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