Feb 192013

Will your thighs clench my head?

Will they shake? Quiver? Tremble?

Will your pussy clench? Pulsate? Vibrate?

Will you gush? Trickle? Drip?

Will you pull me toward you or push me away?

Will you say my name? Or God’s? Or will you curse?

Will you whisper? Scream?

Will you cum once? Or twice? Or more?

Will you beg me to stop?

Will you?

Will you?

… And will I?

  2 Responses to “When you cum”

  1. My thighs WILL clench hard.

    They WILL quiver, shake, and tremble.

    My pussy WILL vibrate, pulsate and clench.

    It WILL then drip, trickle and gush.

    I WILL pull you closer.

    I WILL curse your name.

    I WILL scream and whisper.

    I WILL come again and again.

    And I WILL never beg you to stop N.

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