Feb 212013

Sit up straight. Straighter.

Press your chest out. I want to see your breasts straining against your shirt.

Slowly, slowly, spread your thighs. Start by not moving your feet. When your thighs are as wide as you can get them in that position, adjust. Slide forward a little. Spread your feet a little. And spread your thighs wider.

Do you feel my eyes on you? Burning a hole through your top, so I can see the slope of the tops of your breasts? Through your jeans, so I can see your black panties, pressing against your cunt? Failing to contain the moisture, the aroma that I’ve unleashed in you?

Can you imagine my hands on you? Squeezing you? Stroking you? Rubbing you? Pushing into you?


  5 Responses to “For me”

  1. Your blog used to be good. It officially sucks. Giving up now. Getting so sick of your ridiculous prose.

  2. See now that’s what I’m talking about.

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