Jan 072013

Join us for a debauched night of fun. We are looking for two other couples. Our intent is to pre-approve one another via e-mail, exchanging only accurate body photos and verbal descriptions, and then to “meet” in a dark bar with bathrooms ideal for one-on-one encounters.

We will not speak. Each couple will wear a pre-established identifying bit of clothing, so we all know who one another are, and we all will have one another’s cell phone numbers, so we can communicate by text. But not by speaking.

Two by two, each male/female permutation will excuse themselves to the bathrooms, where they will spend no more than fifteen minutes.

When we tire of this (or are thrown out of the bar), we will say good-bye.

  2 Responses to “High-concept swinging (I)”

  1. Is this what you put up on Craigslist? I think I see what the problem was. “Permutation” probably scared them off…

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