Dec 112012

She sat on a crowded [noun], reading her [adjective] [noun], when she felt something [verb] against her [body part].

She [verb, past tense], and noticed, [verb ending in “ing”] in front of her, an [adjective] man.

[Exclamation]! she said, [verb ending in “ing”] at him [adverb]. “I have never [verb, past tense] such an [adjective] [noun].”

“Oh?” he asked, [adverb]. “Would you like to [verb] it?”

She thought for a moment, an [adjective] look on her [woman’s body part]. “Why yes,” she said. “Yes, I would.”

His [man’s body part] grew [adjective] at her reply. She noticed, and in turn, her [woman’s body part] grew [adjective].

“Let’s go to my [noun],” he said, [adverb].

“Of course,” she said, and they did.

Later when he removed his [man’s article of clothing], she was [adverb] [verb, past tense]. He took one look at her and said, “Baby, put my [man’s body part] in your [woman’s body part].”

She looked up at him, [adverb]. She [adverb] lowered her [woman’s body part] on his [man’s body part].

“[Exclamation],” he sighed [adverb]. That feels [adjective].

In no time, they were [verb ending in “ing”]. She [verb, past tense], over and over, screaming, “[Random word]” over and over. “Shh,” he whispered. “My [plural noun] will hear.”

“OK,” she said, but soon, she was screaming again. “[Random word]!” she yelled. “[Same random word]! [Same random word]!”

He pressed his [man’s body part] on her [woman’s body part]. “Shhhh,” he said.

“I can’t!” She said. “I just feel so [adjective] when you [verb] my [woman’s body part].”

And with that, he shot his [noun] all over her [noun].

  4 Responses to “Mad Lib”

  1. Darn you, N.! I’ve had a hilariously inappropriate Mad Lib on the back burner for months!

    It’s not quite the same, though — it’s (supposed to be) funny/cringe-inducing… not sexy. Also, it’s going to be functional and interactive (I hope).

    Also, how strange is it that I’ve actually had someone say this to me?: “Baby, put my man body part in your woman body part.”

    In hindsight, he wasn’t so good at dirty talk…

    • I’m frustrated with mine. I had a fantasy about doing a functional/interactive one too, and then collecting and publishing the results. But I’m just too busy/techoignorant/lazy to pull it off.

      I have confidence in you, and I’ll redirect this post to you the moment you do it.


      When he said that, did you put his bicep in your uterus?

      I’m not so good at dirty talk, either (ironically?).

      And it’s not strange that YOU’VE had someone say that to you. If I had to guess, if there were one person on earth who had had that said to her, I would guess you.

    • Dumb Domme, his dirty talk sounds like mine when I was first attempting phone sex. To be perfectly honest, it’s still a talent I lack, though nowhere as severe as that first experience.

  2. I made this into a madlib form if anyone’s interested:

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