Dec 312012

Last year I posted seven resolutions: 7. To engage in some “high-concept” swinging.6. To throw myself into more multi-partner swinging.5. To have more encounters with multiple women.4. To get pegged.3. To revisit my experience of gay sex.2. To increase my appetite for straight, aggressive, hard, doggie-style, or up-against-the-wall, or bent-over-the-bed, or what have you, fucking.1. […]

Dec 312012

A funny note about myself. For the vast majority of my life, rightly or wrongly, I believed that – I created the reality that – the only way a woman would find me attractive was if I paid her. In the last couple of years, I’ve traveled in the opposite direction, becoming convinced, for the […]

Dec 282012

I’m just a guy, and, as I’ve written before, we men have fragile egos. Without going too deep into my biography, here are some salient facts about me: I was in my late twenties before the first time I (noticed that I) wasn’t the smartest person in any given room. Obviously, there were at least […]

Dec 262012

When I was a teenager, I remember hearing “Suzanne,” by Leonard Cohen, for the first time. I was haunted – by the sound of Cohen’s voice, by the images in the song. I never became a HUGE fan – I liked his music a lot, but didn’t particularly educate myself either about his life or […]